State Water Heaters

Residential Water Heaters

The State Power Vent water heaters feature
engineering to maximize efficiency and deliver
up to a .70 Energy Factor (EF) that meets the

     Outstanding features:

All models meet ENERGY STAR® requirements and may also qualify for local utility and rebate programs.
• PEXAN™ polymer dip tube optimizes inlet water pressure to minimize cold water regions within the tank. The self-cleaning action also reduces sediment accumulation on the bottom of the tank.
• Hot-surface ignitor is more robust and reliable than standing pilot, and reduces energy consumption.                   State 40 Gallon Residential Water Tank
• Factory-installed built-in heat traps on the water inlet and outlet reduce the amount of heat lost through piping.
• Environmentally-friendly 2-inch-thick foam insulation reduces the amount of heat loss and maximizes efficiency.
• Models available with 3/4˝ side connections for combination (space heating) applications (side connections standard on high-input 50 and 75-gallon models).
• All models are equipped with a protected flammable vapor (FV) sensor that detects the presence of flammable vapors and automatically disables the burner to prevent their ignition.
• Air intake snorkel elevates the combustion air inlet to prevent flammable vapors from entering the sealed combustion chamber and igniting.
• Eco-friendly Green Choice® gas burner reduces NOx emissions by up to 33%. 

• State-of-the-art electronic gas control ensures more precise temperature control and features an LED indicator to provide operation status and diagnostic information.

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